Thomas J. Fiscus, 14th Judge Advocate General
United States Air Force
Officer Grade Determination

To read our presentation to the Officer Grade Determination Board please click the link to the OGD Board.
When a retiring officer has received disciplinary action, the service Secretary  is required to make a
determination as to the appropriate retirement grade.  All the service Secretaries use a Board of
Officers to make a recommendation on the appropriate grade.  In my case, we were allowed to make a
written presentation to the Board.  My counsel, Colonel Carlos McDade and Lt Colonel Dave Robertson,
made heroic efforts under enormous time pressure.  We were not permitted any delay despite the fact
that it was Christmastime.  We were of course hampered by the fact that many of those who might have
added support to our efforts were simply not available due to vacations and holiday travel.  The
document below is the one we submitted, handicapped though we were.  I believe it was a fine effort
and I am proud of and grateful for the work of Colonel McDade.   The report submitted by the Board to
the Secretary demonstrates clearly that nothing we said was given any credence, if it was considered at
all.  The resulting recommendation that I be retired as a colonel was a devastating personal and
financial blow from which my family and I will likely never recover.